Saturday, May 21, 2016


PUMA women's creative director and brand ambassador Rihanna and global sports brand PUMA kick  off their first creations with the release of the PUMA BY RIHANNA collection with Rihannas FENTY label. Under her creative direction, the first collection introduces the PUMA Creeper, which mixes the iconic PUMA Suede with some punk and a little bit of rebel all in one.

The PUMA Creeper was inspired by the revolutionary punk era from King's Road in London to the LES underground club scene in the late 80's. The clubs have closed down since then but the culture will never be gone, influencing the city's fashion and music scene for years to come.

The classic PUMA Suede was transformed with a platform or also known as a "creeper" sole for a fresh new take. Rihanna also took advice on style from a Los Angeles based menswear designer Mr. Completely to help complete the  PUMA Creeper design. 

The first black/white pair of the pre-release sold out super quick but do not worry because the first three colors of the PUMA Creepers will be available on and other shops who sell PUMA products worldwide from September 25 all the way through the end of 2016 with multiple new colors and materials. 

The Start Of Mr. West

In 2013, during an interview radio station Hot 97, Kanye West let the world know that he'd signed with adidas. The announcement, which came after a period of West publicly bashing his old sneaker sponsor Nike, shook the shoe world, and the product the partnership eventually produced helped adidas ascend to a new level of cool.
But, the first Kanye West adidas sneaker actually happened back in 2005. That sneaker, never known to the public until this year, is seen in full detail for the first time here.
West was in talks about signing with adidas for a collaborative line in 2005. At the time, he was a relatively new name, having just released his debut album, The College Dropout, in 2004. He hadn’t yet really established himself in the fashion world, but that didn’t mean West lacked ambition.
During studio sessions for the recording of his second album, Late Registration, West requested a meeting with higher-ups at adidas to discuss the possibility of working together. They agreed, flying from adidas’ headquarters in Germany out to Los Angeles. But, West’s vision at the time was too big for what the brand was willing to sign on for—he wanted stores, his own line, and his own design team. West’s deal with adidas inked in 2013 would allow him of all of these things.

Part of West’s pitch to the brand was to have them help get his clothing line, Pastelle, off the ground. Ironically, Pastelle appears to be finally happening in 2016, although there’s no evidence of adidas’ involvement.

Monday, May 16, 2016


         So today I walked into class with my head down and I see the FRESHEST sneakers I've seen in my life on John Pierces feet. These sneakers were  royal blue with the typical polo logo that is a very eccentric orange, brown leather laces and a white rubber sole. I just had to ask him about his thoughts on these sneakers. " Although these shoes are very comfortable and stylish they are really not that comfortable. I do not think I would recommend these sneakers to anyone else unless they are up for discomfort while looking stylish." - John Pierce
         Shocked by Johns answer to the comfort of these shoes I had to take it to the internet and see some other reviews for myself. One guy on amazon said "The very first time I wore them, my left foot started feeling uncomfortable and began to hurt. Finally it was almost unbearable. My right shoe felt great and there were no problems at all. I could not understand what was going on. I took my shoe off and looked it over good and tried again. Immediate pain again. It didn't rub a blister but it hurt so bad that I just gave up. My feet are more important than new shoes. It didn't rub a blister or make a place on my foot but it hurt terribly. I guess my feet have decided to get different in their old age and I will have to choose much more carefully. I packed the shoes up and gave them to a charity that needs shoes. I do hope that the person who gets my shoes has better luck than I did." Multiple other people also complained about the discomfort of these shoes so I do not think anyone should get these shoes. Although they are very uncomfortable, they are very cute and look good with almost any outfit!

Friday, April 22, 2016


As your toes start to moisten in those tightly tied sneakers all day, your feet start to feel as if they need to breathe and break out of those sneakers. Sometimes you just need to take a break! But never take a break on being SUPER STYLISH. With these hot bedazzled platform flip flops you will never look back on any other shoe for those days that your feet just need a break from sneakers. With these you will never be out of style and neither will you ever be the least bit uncomfortable while rocking the cool bedazzled platform flip flop. Your feet will still have the arch support necessary for a comfortable day on your feet. Arch support is probably one of the most necessary things on an off day so that you keep your feet in shape and prevent from cramping when you get back to wearing your sneakers the next day. Your feet will never forgive you if you DONT wear these on your break day because these are the only shoes that will keep you looking fresh, comfortable, and fit throughout your day. They are perfect for any person, boys, girls, men women, and even babies!

Friday, April 8, 2016

It's LIT

These fresh new kicks are not only super comfortable and fresh but guess what?! THEY LIGHT UP!
So now wherever you go wearing these shoes there's no excuse for walking in gum because you can see everything in the dark, they're like a flashlight for your feet. They change colors, from red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, pink and even orange. The lights on these shoes can flash to liven up any occasion by 100%, have the colors change throughout the night, or even just keep the color stagnant to show off your favorite color. If you are into crazy colors, comfort, and looking super stylish these are definitely the shoe for you. 
These are definitely the flyest kicks of the century!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flip Or Flop?

Are you supposed to run in these or are you supposed to strut your stuff? You don't even need to go to the gym while wearing these because they are so clunky and heavy that every step is a workout in of its own! The whole point of this type of shoe is the comfort and style of a sneaker but more fashionable for everyday and to help out the shorties with a couple of extra inches.
More comfortable than stilettos 
Easier to walk in than stilettos
Makes your feet less achey after a long day
Very unique style
The heel isn't very obvious so it does not bring attention to height differences
Very heavy to walk in 
Does not have a good arch support like a normal sneaker would have
Not the most appealing to the eye

I would recommend these sneaker wedge heels to anyone who likes to take a risk with their wardrobe  and would like to try something new. Also if you would like to be a couple of extra inches taller but still want to be as comfortable as possible than these are most definitely the shoe for you!

These sneaker heels have so much potential but I don not think I will be following on this trend any time soon. Let me know what all of you wild fashionistas thing of this crazy new trend.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Nike Free 5.0 2015

Over the past several years the Nike Free 5.0 has consistently been one of the best selling athletic shoes in the United States. Step foot into any school or gym and you are definitely going to see many people sporting the flexible , comfortable , and colorful Nike Free 5.0s. They have to be the most colorful, and the most comfortable shoe (they feel like you are walking on clouds!!!) which makes them one of the best selling sneakers all around.

The Nike Free 5.0 2015 is lightweight, flexible, and insanely comfortable. If your sole reason for wanting to get these kicks is for casual use, it is highly recommended because you will be looking fly while feeling like you are flying.  They are just THAT GREAT. For running, they aren’t fast and they aren’t super cushioned so not the best choice for an all-around trainer, but for short to moderate length runs where you want a very flexible, minimally controlling ride with some cushion they are a solid option.

Over all these sneakers are highly recommended for a daily use and or light work outs!

Friday, February 19, 2016


March 16 1966, Paul Van Doren and three other partners opened up their first Vans store. The first morning of sales 12 customers ordered shoes which were made the same day and ready for pick up the same afternoon. They were originally named The Vans #44 deck shoe and  now they are called the Authentic Vans shoe. Skateboarders wore Vans all over Southern California in the early 1970s. By 1979 Vans slip ons became the new rage in Southern California. And by the end of the 1970s Vans opened up over 70 stores in California and sold through dealers and both nationally and internationally. In 1994 they began manufacturing these sneakers overseas and now Vans is about to celebrate its' fiftieth year of  shoe making. Starting as such a small California company it has come such a long way all over the world! They have been recognized by Forbes and recognized as Americas best small company. Now Vans is also very popular in surfing, skating, snowboarding, urban and punk markets, and also making clothing and skating accessories. This brand is only getting more and more popular by the day because of its very popular slip on sneaker model that everyone loves.

Friday, February 12, 2016


1917 was the year that every basketball players shoe game would change. Converse Corporation produced the very first All Star basketball shoe only coming in natural brown colors with a black trim. Eventually evolving in 1920 to all black canvas or leather version of the shoe. These weren't selling too well but thanks to Charles Chuck H Taylor a famous basketball player saw lots of potential in these shoes and decided to join the company for better sales in 1921. Soon enough his name was added to the logo placed on the ankle of the shoe and business started booming! They started to make numbers of different colors and two different styles, the low cut, and the high top versions. Converse have become so big that other companies tried to compete by creating their own versions but none of them were as successful and Converse was. These shoes have become a classic american sneaker, and popular in everyones closet of every age even your parents. They're so classic that they will never get out of style and you could where them however you want. They are such a wonderful  shoe because of their unisex and timeless design. Definitely a must have in everybody's shoe closet!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Kanye West and a popular sneaker brand Adidas recently came together to create these unique, classy, and most talked about sneakers of this generation. 

These chic new sneakers originally came out on June 27 2015, they come in five different colors so far including: Moonrock, Turtledove, Oxford Tan, and my personal favorites Pirate Black. Although these shoes are so popular it is extremely tough to get your hands on them without spending at least over a couple of hundred dollars. The original price for Yeezy Boosts 350 is $200 but since Kanye West decided to keep these shoes exclusive not many were made, so they are being re sold at over $2,000 by the people who were able to actually get their hands on these babies.Yeezys are so popular because of the limited availability meaning that they're hyped up more than they actually should be because Kanye West designs, and wears these himself. Thanks to the Yeezy Boost, Adidas has had a come up and is now getting more recognition for the brand than it used to before Kanye pairing with Adidas. 

Now the real question is are these shoes really worth the $2,000 or the days of no sleep and hours of clicking a refresh button trying to get these sneakers into your cart? I think these are DEFINITELY worth the money. When buying these, you are not just buying a name for a shoe, you are also getting a very stylish but also quality shoe overall. As a bonus they are also extremely comfortable. 

Let me know if you guys would cop or nah and why down below in the comments!

Monday, February 1, 2016


Sneakers come in a wide variety for every single taste imaginable. Sneakers can be worn at all times as long as you are dressing them up or down enough. A sneaker should reflect on who you are, what you like, your personal style, and what sports you do. Every sneaker is unique in its own way. There are tons of different brands such as:

- Converse
-Under Armour
-New Balance

And the list goes on.
Not only are there countless different sneaker brands, but there are sneakers for every single occasion such as running, dancing, golf, cross fit,lacrosse, baseball, basketball, tennis, and even just to go out. Each sneaker is completely different yet very similar. They are generally a shoe with a flexible rubber sole and either a leather or synthetic or canvas upper material and can usually be tied with shoe laces. 
Sneakers are not just made to be worn for a sport, but they are meant to give you the correct type of support needed to prevent injury. Also to be as comfortable as possible so you can concentrate on your game. Some of these sneakers are so comfortable that people don't just use them for sports , they use them for every day life as well. 

Sneakers are not just shoes, they are a lifestyle.