Friday, February 12, 2016


1917 was the year that every basketball players shoe game would change. Converse Corporation produced the very first All Star basketball shoe only coming in natural brown colors with a black trim. Eventually evolving in 1920 to all black canvas or leather version of the shoe. These weren't selling too well but thanks to Charles Chuck H Taylor a famous basketball player saw lots of potential in these shoes and decided to join the company for better sales in 1921. Soon enough his name was added to the logo placed on the ankle of the shoe and business started booming! They started to make numbers of different colors and two different styles, the low cut, and the high top versions. Converse have become so big that other companies tried to compete by creating their own versions but none of them were as successful and Converse was. These shoes have become a classic american sneaker, and popular in everyones closet of every age even your parents. They're so classic that they will never get out of style and you could where them however you want. They are such a wonderful  shoe because of their unisex and timeless design. Definitely a must have in everybody's shoe closet!


  1. I own a pair of white converse and I absolutely love them! I honestly didn't even know that back then basketball players used them!

  2. The all black converse are legendary !!

  3. These are classics, you deff should!