Monday, May 16, 2016


         So today I walked into class with my head down and I see the FRESHEST sneakers I've seen in my life on John Pierces feet. These sneakers were  royal blue with the typical polo logo that is a very eccentric orange, brown leather laces and a white rubber sole. I just had to ask him about his thoughts on these sneakers. " Although these shoes are very comfortable and stylish they are really not that comfortable. I do not think I would recommend these sneakers to anyone else unless they are up for discomfort while looking stylish." - John Pierce
         Shocked by Johns answer to the comfort of these shoes I had to take it to the internet and see some other reviews for myself. One guy on amazon said "The very first time I wore them, my left foot started feeling uncomfortable and began to hurt. Finally it was almost unbearable. My right shoe felt great and there were no problems at all. I could not understand what was going on. I took my shoe off and looked it over good and tried again. Immediate pain again. It didn't rub a blister but it hurt so bad that I just gave up. My feet are more important than new shoes. It didn't rub a blister or make a place on my foot but it hurt terribly. I guess my feet have decided to get different in their old age and I will have to choose much more carefully. I packed the shoes up and gave them to a charity that needs shoes. I do hope that the person who gets my shoes has better luck than I did." Multiple other people also complained about the discomfort of these shoes so I do not think anyone should get these shoes. Although they are very uncomfortable, they are very cute and look good with almost any outfit!


  1. i like the special appearance by JP! btw these shoes are kinda whack, have definitely seen better.

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  3. Nigga these kicks dope as fuck.